COVID-19 Update

Supporting you through uncertainty

A message from the NNA Direct Support Service Team

If you’re feeling more vulnerable than usual, you’re not alone. All of us have been disrupted by the devastating effects of COVID-19. But people living with disabilities are facing unique challenges such as accessing preferred in-home support workers, difficulties with social distancing, and concerns about underlying health conditions.

No one should feel alone right now and quality support for people with disabilities is critical. As part of the Network Nursing Agency, NNA Direct Support service is here to support vulnerable members of our community. Your physical and mental health is our priority, and we want you to know that we are taking all the recommended steps to stop the spread of the virus and make sure support is provided in the safest way possible.

Here is what we are doing to protect our community and help you in the current environment.

Protecting our participants and support staff

In our effort to keep everyone safe and reinforce good hygiene, all our support workers and nurses have completed the COVID-19 Infection Control Training Module. This is a free course that anyone can take. If you’re interested in completing the training, you can register on the Australian Government website here.

As a precaution, we have also provided gloves to all support workers and nurses and are working to provide them with hand sanitisers and masks. Network Nursing Agency’s network of professional Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses adhere and promote the National Safety and Quality and Health
Service Standards on Infection and Prevention and Control systems
 to protect themselves and others.

Staying updated and following government advice

We are a NDIS registered provider with extensive experience in healthcare settings, and we are keeping our staff up to date with the latest advice provided by Federal and State health agencies. We rely on facts from reputable sources like Australian Government of Health and NDIS and are updating our staff via phone and email as new information is released. Disability support is considered an essential service by the Australian Government, so you can be reassured that our services will remain open and we will continue to provide in-home supports to participants during this uncertain time.

Technology to make managing your support easier

We have invested in technology to make it easier to find, manage and review your support workers in one place. Using our Edge mobile app, you can build your profile, find NNA support workers you relate to, and then leave reviews for the support you receive. During a time where we are all urged to stay home as much as possible, Edge app gives people a way to find support workers remotely and minimise face-to-face contact.

Reporting symptoms and suspected cases

We are asking staff to proactively report any symptoms if they suspect they have COVID-19. Our staff are not allowed to work if they display flu-like symptoms or if they suspect they have been in contact with someone has the virus. We are encouraging any staff members to report if their clients are showing any flu-like symptoms so that we can act proactively to prevent the spread of the virus and ensure we continue to safely provide the highest quality support.

Finally, our door is always open

We know this is a difficult time for many people in our community. But you can be assured that NNA Direct Support Service team will continue to provide quality in-home support. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to discuss your requirements please reach out to or call us on 1300 346 052.


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  • I love being able to pick and choose my hours and change my mind if something comes up. I don't have the same commitment pressure I would have from a permanent position.
    I have better rates of pay compared to working full time along with sick pay/ holiday pay.

    Aisling McNamara, Registered Nurse
  • Since joining NNA I have been exposed to many different opportunities in my career. I work frequently on different medical and surgical wards in different hospitals around Sydney. I have had the opportunity to teach through the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA) facilitating through Western Sydney University and Australian College of Nursing (ACN).

    Laura Burns, Registered Nurse
  • Thank you to everyone in the office. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart you have all been an amazing support. Before I started agency work, I was nervous thinking I would be cancelled or it would be hard to settle in. With the support from everyone in the office I have got full time hours for over a year...

    Orla Murphy , Registered Nurse