Help at Home

Whether its help with household chores like cooking and cleaning or assistance with personal care, our range of in-home services are here to lend a hand.

Home Services

If you need short-term or ongoing help at home, we offer flexible services that work for you. Our focus is on making you feel comfortable and helping you live your most independent life.

Outside of the home, we can also help you go to events, catch public transport, go to medical appointments, and get and about in the community.


​Home Care Packages

What is a Home Care Package?

Home Care Packages (HCP) are a government funded service available to people over 65.  The subsidised program provides access to services to help people stay at home and live as independently as possible. When you are eligible for a Home Care Package, you are provided with a level of funding (Levels 1-4) suited to your needs and goals. This funding can then be used to help pay for in-home care services from a provider of your choice.

HCP can assist with personal care, grocery shopping, transport, respite and more.

If you don't have a Home Care Package, we can help you understand the process and apply for government funding. If you need help or would like more information, please give us a call on 1300 346 052 or make an enquiry by filling out the form below.

Getting set up with a Home Care Package

1. Arrange an assessment with ACAT

To become eligible for an HCP, you must get in touch with My Aged Care and arrange a free assessment by ACAT (Aged Care Assessment Team). They will identify what your needs are and confirm if you are eligible to receive government subsidised aged care services.

2. Choose a home care provider

If you are eligible for a Home Care Package, you will be assigned a level of funding based on your needs and goals. The confirmation of your eligibility and level of care you are approved for will be provided by My Aged Care in writing. You can then choose a provider to deliver your Home Care Package and support services.

3. Develop your home care package

When you choose NNA Direct Support Service as your preferred home care provider, we work with you to develop a care plan within your budget that suits your needs. We can provide care to people across all 4 package levels.

In-home Aged Care Services

As an approved Aged Care service provider, we offer support to people with all levels of Home Care Packages. Whether you have basic, intermediate or high care needs, our team will work with you to develop the best care package for your requirements, and we will review your plan every 6 months or when a change of care is requested.

Person-centered care is at the heart of what we do. Thanks to Network Nursing Agency's large network of Registered Nursing, Assistants in Nursing and Support Workers, we can assist with the most complex needs and provide continuous, personalised care at each step of your journey.

For more information about our Home Care Packages and services available, download our pricing guide or get in touch below.

Talk to us today about your home care needs

Our door is always open. Whether you are a carer, family member, health professional or looking for support for yourself, our friendly team will be happy to answer any questions and discuss your needs and the ways we can work with you. Send us an inquiry by filling out the form below.

Alternatively, if you'd like to speak to a staff member you can give us a call on


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    I have better rates of pay compared to working full time along with sick pay/ holiday pay.

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    Orla Murphy , Registered Nurse