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12 Inspirational Nurses to Follow on Social Media Right Now

Posted over 1 year ago


​Are you looking for some much-needed inspiration between your nursing shifts? Inside this post, you’ll find 12 nurses from around the world, listed in alphabetical order, giving you not only relatable stories and increased knowledge but also some laughs, motivation and the strength to carry on in what might be a time of weakness.

1. Beth Hawkes

Why you should follow: Beth or “Nurse Beth” has more than 25 years of experience in clinical and leadership positions and now writes at NurseCode and to provide informative and practical information for nurses. She is a writer, speaker and career advice columnist well worth a listen and read.

How to Connect:

Twitter, via and NurseCode

2. Blake Lynch - RN

Why you should follow: Blake, or as he is commonly referred, “Nurse Blake” obtained his Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) from the University of Central Florida and has since built a huge social following with over 600,000 followers. He has managed large projects such as The Banned4Life Project and Nurses Support Their Young and continues to help educate mainly through comedy in his blog and YouTube channel.

How to Connect:

YouTube, Facebook and Instagram

3. Brittney Wilson - BSN, RN

Why you should follow: Brittney is a Clinical Informatics Nurse and Author of The Nerdy Nurse’s Guide to Technology and hosts The Nerdy Nurse’s Blog Carnival. She is also the brains behind The Nerdy Nurse website. Her blog, which she publishes frequently is packed with nursing-related topics and issues, nursing products and services, healthcare, technology, social media, personal branding and lifestyle topics.

How to Connect:

Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and via her website here

4. Cat Golden - RN

Why you should follow: Cat obtained her nursing degree from the University of Colorado in 2012 and has since become the proud producer of Nine Lives Health. A website to help nurses by giving them access to helpful community support and tools to provide a structured, positive mindset. She also has an impressive online store full of nursing-related merchandise.

How to Connect:

Instagram, Pinterest and via her website here


Why you should follow: Dr. Lori Roscoe (DNP, APRN, ANP-C, CCHP-RN) and Lorry Schoenly (PHD, RN, CCHP-RN) show readers what the life of a correction nurse in the United States is all about. Interesting, enlightening and entertaining.

How to Connect:

Facebook and Pinterest

6. Damion Jenkins - RN, MSN

Why you should follow: Damion is the lead creator and educational specialist at ‘The Nurse Speak!’ He publishes insightful, interesting and informative information for new nurses working on passing NCLEX (American nursing entrance exam) but also mentors senior nurses through his mastermind course. He publishes nursing relevant topics to his blog regularly and they are well worth a read.

How to connect:

Pinterest, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn and Tumblr

7. Emma Smith - RN, CNS, ANUM

Why you should follow: Yes this is me. I’m an Australian Emergency nurse and clinical nurse educator who has a passion for helping not only nurses but also shift workers live a happier, healthier life despite an often challenging schedule. I co-founded The Other Shift with my husband Daniel whilst he was also working night shift to help shift workers like us create healthy habits.

How to connect:

Pinterest, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn

8. Jackson - The Nurse Break

Why you should follow: Jackson is an Australian nurse from Melbourne who founded The Nurse Break. A place where nurses and students could learn and grow from each other. He gets what it’s like to be an Australian Nurse and regularly publishes nursing related posts to keep readers up to date and entertained.

How to Connect:

Pinterest, Twitter and Linked In

9. Kati Kleber - MSN, RN, CCRN-K

Why you should follow: Kati is a passionate American nurse who runs FreshRN, a place for new and senior nurses to connect, learn and become better nurses. She runs her own podcast, writes her own books and blogs and holds informative courses both online and in person.

How to connect:

Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr

10. Keith Carlson - RN

Why you should follow: With Digital Doorway, Keith’s website, he gives career advice to savvy 21st century nurses and regularly publishes interesting articles to expand nursing knowledge. He has been featured in as one of the best nursing blogs of 2019. He also produces the podcast, The Nurse Keith Show.

How to Connect:

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn

11. Life in the Fast Lane (LITFL)

Why you should follow: Though not a single author, LITFL is an incredible resource for Australasian nurses and doctors looking to explore emergency medicine, critical care and toxicology through clinical cases, fictionalized anecdotes and medical satire.

How to Connect:

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vimeo

12. Nacole Riccaboni - ASN, RN

Why you should follow: Nacole is the face behind a popular nursing blog called Nurse Nacole. Her aim is to help nursing students successfully transition from nursing school into knowledgeable and competent registered nurses.

How to connect:

Esty, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Pericope, Snap Chat, Youtube and LinkedIn.

Special Mention: Audra Starky

Though not a nurse specifically, Audra founded The Healthy Shift Worker which is a blog/podcast for those working 24/7. It’s incredibly interesting, entertaining and relatable on so many levels.

Summary: Feeling inspired? Take some time scrolling the above nurses on your favorite social channels. You’ll quickly realise you’re not alone when presented with a challenging nursing situation.


Emma Smith

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