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Meet the team - Ellen Banks

Posted 11 months ago

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NNA Direct Support Service is Network Nursing Agency's service arm that provides quality disability supports and home nursing to people and families across New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria.

Our Meet the Team series shines the spotlight on some of our wonderful Direct Support team who are making it happen behind the scenes and in our community. In our first installment, we sat down with Community Nurse Manager and Registered Nurse, Ellen Banks, to find out what she loves about her job, her experience moving from the UK to Australia and some of her pet peeves.

Tell us a bit about yourself

I grew up in North London and went to university on the South Coast to study Nursing. I loved it there so much I ended up staying for 13 years!

When did you join NNA?

I joined at the end of my first year in Australia in 2016

What was it like moving over from UK to work as a nurse in Australia?

It was terrifying to move to the other side of the world but also extremely exciting. I was lucky enough to be making the move with a friend, so we had each other for support. Applying for the Working Holiday Visa was easy enough however, as I am sure all international nurses will know, applying to transfer registration to AHPRA is tough, the paperwork is endless!!

I was so nervous attending my first shift as a Nurse in Australia, I had no idea what to expect and I showed up about 45 minutes early “just in case”. However, it went very well, and I was surprised how similar some aspects were to home. Of course, as with any change in job, there are some things totally different and I had to get used to them. It didn’t take too long, and I felt comfortable on shift and with my new role of an agency nurse.

I guess the rest is history, I have been here 5 years this year and still loving it!

What is a little-known fact about Ellen? 

I love scuba diving and most recently dived with reef sharks in Fiji

Quick Round:

  • Biggest pet peeve? Loud chewing and undertaking on the roads

  • Favourite place in the world? As a tourist - a tropical island. To just be - London

  • Favourite food? Roast dinner of any sort with extra gravy!

What do you love most about your job?

I love how it constantly changes. I have worked in many roles as a Registered Nurse and all have helped me develop my skills and knowledge. There are a vast range of directions the nursing role can take you. From different wards and specialties to surroundings and countries. I’ve made some great friends and some very interesting people so far, and I am sure there are many more to come.