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Meet the team - Rachel

Posted 5 months ago

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​We sat down with Rachel, our newly appointed Customer Engagement Manager at NNA Direct Support. Read on to hear about her global upbringing, experience as a Key Word presenter and passion for empowering people to live the life they want. Welcome to the team, Rachel we're thrilled to have you onboard!

Tell us a bit about yourself 

Prior to changing my career into the Disability sector in 2004, I was a Chef for 14 years. My 3 main hobbies are people, cooking and growing food which I passionately combine when I connect with Community, Family and Friends. 

Born in South Australia, I grew up in Papua New Guinea and Germany, which was my first language and have travelled extensively since I was 20. I became a Key Word Presenter in my past employment, was part of developing the Individualised Department there and currently facilitate two ‘Circles of Support’ in my casual work that focusses on creating unpaid, loving and safe-guarded supports around the individual by people closest to them.  

What is your role at NNA Direct Support Service?  

I am the Client Engagement Officer in Melbourne and strive to ensure the Participant is happy with their supports and are assisted positively to achieve outcomes towards their Goals. I work alongside both the Participant and Support Staff to discuss, plan and access effective resources to enable the individual to explore desired experiences that lead to a better life. 

How do you see disability support sector changing or evolving in the future?   

The NDIS and the recent Royal Commission have shone the spotlight on the many inadequacies the Aged and Disability Sectors are urgently required to address and improve.  

Professionally the past few years have been an exciting time for me and I was a part of the ‘Best Practice’ conferences held in the initial Victorian NDIS roll-out. I have watched many Participants flourish within the scheme; designed to give individuals more autonomy, control and a voice to express what a good life means to them. When the right people are invested in to assist individuals, great things can happen and I am privileged to have contributed and continue to be a part of changing times. 

What do you see as the biggest opportunity for the sector?  

Becoming and dedicating itself to an ethos of ‘better and great practice’ for Human rights. The positive attitudes of focusing on the right supports, resources and actions required to achieving personal goals, happier lives, strengths and contributions instead of an individual's so-called ‘inadequacies’ are a welcome and long-awaited shift. 

What is a little-known fact about Rachel?  

I have a titanium pin & 8 screwsfrom my knee to my ankle from a dirt bike accident when I was 22!  

Quick Round:  

  • Biggest pet peeve? Bad service. 

  • Favourite sport? Dancing. 

  • Favourite food? Japanese cuisine. 

What do you love most about your job?  

I love being a part of enhancing a person's life. I am incredibly grateful for the connection I have with my family and the opportunities I’ve had in my life, which has been colourful, filled with travels and cultural diversity and in constant movement. I am passionate about Human Rights and equality and am committed to help people discover, grow and experience a life like I have been privileged to explore.