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Nurse of the Year 2020 (Community) - Emma D

Posted 3 months ago

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In our latest Q&A we get an insight into NNA Nurse of the Year 2020 (Community) - Emma. In this Q&A, Emma tells us what it is like to work as a community agency nurse here in Sydney after moving to Australia from Ireland. Read more below.

What does nurse of the year mean to you?

Being selected as ‘Nurse of the year 2020’ has filled me with immense happiness and pride within myself. It is lovely to be recognised for the hard work that you do and it topped off a great year working with the agency.

What do you love most about your career / working with NNA?

What I love most about community nursing is looking after patients in their home setting, somewhere where they feel at ease and comfortable. NNA has allowed me to meet lots of amazing colleagues, all of whom are extremely supportive and who I hope to remain friends with for years to come.

What is your nursing speciality and what facilities do you work in?

At home I worked in Belfast- in The Royal Hospital for Sick Children as a theatre, anaesthetic and recovery nurse for 2.5 years. When I came to Australia in 2019 I worked at an amazing hospice and respite facility for children with life-limiting conditions. I then completed some regional work before signing up as a community nurse with NNA, looking after paediatric patients under the NDIS scheme. I also pick up shifts on paediatric wards across Sydney.

Do you enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing my shifts?

Yes it’s great to be able to have some time off when it suits my own schedule.

What are the main challenges you face as a nurse?

With paediatric patients who are non-verbal the biggest challenge I face is trying to keep their pain management under control within the home care setting. In the hospital setting we can call upon doctors for second opinions and recommendations however in the home we are solo nursing so you have to make the decision for yourself so you are just counting on it to be the correct one for the best interests of the child.

What advice would you give to other agency nurses?

Just pick up as many shifts as you can because some weeks can be quieter than others. Going to a variety of places is also good as you learn new things and keep up your skills.

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