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The Best Immunisation Courses for Agency Nurses in NSW

Posted 16 days ago

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As an agency nurse working throughout this relentless pandemic, you’ve probably been thinking about immunisations and whether it’s worth your time to upskill and become an independent immuniser. But trying to choose the right course can be a minefield. To assist you in the process, this post explores 4 different immunisation courses, specific for agency nurses in NSW, which builds on your existing knowledge, whilst fine-tuning your skills so you can confidently and professionally give immunisations.

 1. 307 Immunisation for Health Practitioners

  •  Who runs the course? Australian College Of Nursing

  • How much does it cost? $895.50 for members and $995 for non-members.

  • How long does it take to complete? Flexible, self-paced (a minimum of 21 days up to a maximum of 120 days)

  • Format: Online

  • Is there a clinical placement component? No

  • How many CPD points will I gain? Equivalent to 120 hours

Though there are an abundance of immunisation courses available right now, this one is highly regarded in the industry for two main reasons; the reputation of the Australian College of Nursing and because this course is accredited by Health Education Services Australia (HESA) against the National Immunisation Education Framework for Health Professionals. This accreditation is rare among the courses offered to nurses in Australia.


This specific course is suitable for registered and enrolled nurses, midwives, pharmacists and other allied health workers unlike other courses we will explore below, which are solely targeting registered nurses.


To assist with the cost of the course, The Eric Murray Achievement Award is a scholarship that can be applied for by current immunisation students. More information can be found here:


If you want to read more and sign up to this course (it takes three days to process your application and get started), visit this link to find out more.

2. Immunisation (Nurse Immuniser)

  • Who runs the course? University of Melbourne (UoM)

  • How much does it cost? Theory only: AUD $825 (incl. GST). Clinical placement administration fee: AUD $130 (incl. GST)

  • How long does it take? Course completion requires 100-150 hours of eLearning and up to 10 hours of clinical practice (optional).

  • Format: Online and optional clinical placement is available

  • Is there a clinical placement component? Yes (optional)

  • How many CPD points will I gain? Equivalent to 120 hours


Here is another popular nurse immuniser course offered Australia wide by the UoM. This course varies from the one offered by the Australian College of Nurses as it’s onlyoffered to registered nurses who have worked at least 1 year of full time or equivalent clinical experience.

One intriguing aspect of this UoM course is the optional clinical placement. Though taking part in this clinical component is not compulsory to becoming a nurse immuniser at course completion, it does build confidence and perfects technique. Students are required to organise their own placement where they must complete ten immunisations, and four of these must be on children under two. It should be noted that a placement administration fee of $130 (incl. GST) must be paid by the student.

If you are interested in this course because you’d like to complete the clinical aspect, keep in mind that obtaining a placement may be difficult due to COVID. Making time to complete some research regarding clinical placement may be a good idea before signing up.

Assessment of knowledge occurs through clinical case studies, short answer and multiple-choice questions, attendance of course tutorials, 8 units of self assessment and completion of an exam where you are required to achieve 80% or above.

To find out more, visit this link to be redirected to the UoM course page.

3. Program for Nurse Immunisers (PNI)

  • Who runs the course? Australian Catholic University (ACU)

  • How much does it cost? $995.00 (incl. GST). There are no payment plans and this is not a HECS supported course.

  • How long does it take? Should be completed in 16 weeks

  • Format: Online

  • Is there a clinical placement component? No

  • How many CPD points will I gain? Equivalent to 150 hours

This popular immunisation course offered by ACU is slightly different from the others mentioned. It is offered twice a year, March and July, and is capped at 50 students per enrolment. It is only offered to AHPRA Registered Nurses and not enrolled nurses or midwives.

To finalise this course, students are required to complete approximately 150 hours of focused learning with 100% successful completion of six theoretical modules and associated quizzes and scenarios. Students then need to complete online content and finish with a self-assessment ‘Complete procedures for a Vaccination encounter’.

If this sounds like the course for you, click hereto find out more.

4. The Immunisation Endorsement Pathway

  • Who runs the course? The Benchmarque Group Pty Limited

  • How much does it cost? $567 inc GST

  • How long does it take? Self paced, can take up to 12 months

  • Format: Online modules with a face-to-face workshop.

  • Is there a clinical placement component? Yes - attendance at a workshop is required for completion

  • How many CPD points will I gain? Equivalent to 110 hours


Are you a Registered Nurse and/or Midwife who wants to immunise independent of a Medical Officer? Well, this is the course for you. It’s HESA accredited and has received direct recognition from State Health Departments in New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria and Tasmania.


The learning throughout this course is specific to the state or territory the student works in and involves a combination of online and face-to-face learning. The workshop, offered in 39 different locations (explore where via this link), is what separates this course from the rest. You don’t need to find your own clinical placement. You’re able to practice the theoretical skills you’ve learnt throughout the modules during the workshop, so you can feel confident you know what you’re doing.


If you’re considering taking an immunisation course, this one is well worth a look. Find out more here.


Note: You may have heard about the cheaper ($225 inc GST) immunisation course being run by the South Australian Government titled, Understanding vaccines and the National Immunisation Program. Though recognised as an approved training program in other states such as South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria, it isn’t in New South Wales and why it wasn’t included in this article.


Helpful links:


In summary, taking one of the above courses can enhance your employability as an agency nurse and broaden your career options in the future. Best of luck with whatever course you choose and thank you for helping keep the community safe.


Emma Smith

Registered Emergency Nurse