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4 Special CPD Opportunities for NSW Nurses and Midwives in 2021

Posted about 1 month ago

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May is a very exciting time in the nursing and midwifery calendars because it marks two important events - International Nurses Day (May 12th) and International Day of the Midwife (May 5th). The themes for this year; Nurses: A Voice to Lead and Follow and The Data: Invest In Midwives, remind us that knowledge is power. Education, insight and proficiency enable us progress, grow and develop into better nurses and midwives. But where do we find these resources to improve? Below are 4 CPD opportunities in which nurses and midwives can utilise to build on their existing knowledge in order to provide exceptional, evidence-based care in the future. 


  1. NSW Nurses and Midwives' Association (NSWMA)

NSWMA is a registered union for all nurses and midwives in New South Wales that represents the industrial interests of nurses and midwives employed in NSW in the public, private, aged care and disability sectors. In regards to CPD, they offer a huge range of CPD opportunities through seminars, workshops, study days and webinars. Some of their courses include:

If you’re not yet a member, it’s worth serious consideration. They not only provide outstanding CPD opportunities but they will also legally represent you if something was to go amiss within your nursing or midwifery practice. Click this link to join the 70,000 strong NSWMA strong community. 

  1. Higher Education and Training Institute (HETI)

HETI, in collaboration with the NSW Government, are the leading providers in education and training to support more than 110,000 clinical and non-clinical staff, trainers, managers and leaders across the NSW health system. 

They offer eLearning modules, workshops, scholarships and grants, plus a range of postgraduate Certificate, Diploma and Masters level courses in mental health.

If you haven't checked out HETI, now is a great time with COVID restrictions easing on some face-to-face training opportunities. Click here to explore the amazing courses and programs on offer.

  1. ECT4Health

When trying to decide which CPD course / program to undertake, one of the major deciding factors for some is the lecturer. What is their experience within nursing and / or midwifery? Do they have the expertise to teach me something I don’t already know? 

If you decided to take a course from ECT4Health, you don’t have to worry about that. Rob, the founder of this dedicated and hardworking company has been a lecturer and nurse educator in Queensland for public and private providers since 2000. He understands the challenges of the clinical environment and therefore has the ability to zoom in on exactly what you need to know. 

ECT4Health offers seminars and workshops, online learning opportunities and also tax deductible holidays where you can study while lazing by the pool! Each CPD course, which you can view here, are very reasonably priced and can be purchased separately, not requiring a membership. ECT4Health genuinely wants to see you succeed and advance your nursing and midwifery career.

  1. Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA)

Are you interested in venepuncture and cannulation? What about basic and advanced life support? Or maybe you’re interested in a career in theatre and want to learn more about Anaesthetics and Recovery. All these courses plus many more are available via theAHA website

The standout feature for AHA is their partnership with many of Australia’s leading providers of healthcare such as Healthscope, Healthe Care and Ramsay Health. These relationships allow for exceptional clinical learning and also seamless organisation of volunteer clinical placements if and when required.  

If you’re interested in taking a course which was designed by nurses who truly understands your needs, look no further than AHA.  

Other CPD opportunities to consider:

  • NPS Medicinewise 

    • An independent, not-for-profit organisation, evidence-based company aimed at supporting quality use of medicines to improve health decisions and health and economic outcomes in Australia. They offer an impressive range of superior CPD opportunities including asthma, back pain, dementia, osteoarthritis, chronic abdominal pain, anxiety and immunisations. See the full list here

  • Australian College of Nursing (ACN)

    • The ACN is a pre-eminent and national leader of the nursing profession and a community of dynamic and passionate nurses. They offer an impressive range of nursing educational opportunities which you can view here, including their popular vaccinations course.

  • Ausmed

    • A popular Australian health education company renowned for their intuitive CPD tracking app but also their online and face-to-face training opportunities. Due to COVID, their face-to-face events will not be running in 2021 however their online courses are still available which you can explore here.

In summary, in light of International Nurses Day on Wednesday 12th May and International Day of the Midwife on May 5th and their respective themes, it’s a great time for us to reflect on our personal careers within healthcare. Is there more we can do and learn by investing in ourselves to see a clear and bright future in healthcare? Though attaining a mandatory number of CPD hours is compulsory, try and view them as an opportunity to grow and develop rather than ticking a box. According to The Nursing and Midwifery Council of NSW, CPD is more effective when it involves planning and reflection. So take the time to enjoy the process. 

Emma Smith

Registered Nurse  

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