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Handy Apps and Websites to Help Agency Nurses Navigate Tax Time

Posted 9 days ago

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Do you have a trusted accountant when it’s time to submit your tax return to help navigate through the confusing maze of what to claim? Or maybe you rely on the family friend who is “good with that kind of stuff” to take the load off. This post aims to build confidence and empower NNA nurses to take control of their own tax return. Below you’ll find a vast range of different apps and websites, which nurses, in particular, will find helpful when submitting your tax. This post will show you where you can access these tools, how much the service will cost and the specific benefits of each. Submitting your own tax return in under 10 minutes and obtaining a decent return is here!

For Nurses Without a Trusted Accountant

App: Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
Platforms: iOS, Google Play
Cost: Free

●     The official app of the Australian Taxation Office

●     Allows users to access tools, calculators and document work-related car trips

●     You have easy access to your superannuation, deductions and previously uploaded receipts.

●     If you’re working with an agent, they can seamlessly be emailed a copy of your pre-filled tax return for them to review.

App: H&R Block

Platforms: Website, iOS, Google Play
Cost: Website information is free, services start at $19.00

●     A trusted tax accountant service established in the USA in 1955

●     Multiple ways you can submit your tax return ranging from do-it-yourself, to specialised tax returns with one-on-one support

●     Quick and easy process to submit your tax return. Can be done in as little as 10 minutes.

●     Their accountants check your return before sending it to the ATO

●       Maximum refund guarantee


For Busy Nurses, Constantly On The Go

App: Etax
Platforms: iOS, Google Play
Cost: Free to download and use, returns start from $69.90

●     Developed in 1998. A popular and well-established service

●     Able to quickly complete your tax return on the go using any device

●     Authorised to lodge tax returns electronically to the ATO

●     Take pictures of receipts and securely upload them directly into your Etax account storage

●     Live chat or private messaging available

●     Once you’ve submitted your information and deductions (which can be done year-round), certified accountants will check through your tax return for any errors or problems


For Nurses Who Want To See What Other Nurses Are Claiming

App: POP
Platforms: Website (click this link for the nurse specific tax page)
Price: Starts at $19 for low-income earners, to $149 where everything is taken care of for you.

●     POP was established in 2018 by two millennial tax accounts targeting young adults.

●     With the help of artificial intelligence, POP compares different professions in Australia, such as nurses, to ensure you are maximising your own personal return

●     ATO-accredited

●     Though it’s paid, it’s significantly cheaper than an accountant would be

For The Nurse Who Uses Their Car For Work

App: Mileage logbook by Driversnote
Platforms: iOS, Google Play
Price: Free

●     ATO compliant mileage documentation

●     An intelligent vehicle logbook which automatically tracks your trips to produce proper documentation for your mileage claim.

●     Can differentiate between private and business trips

 For The Nurse Who Constantly Loses Receipts

App: Squirrel Street Receipt (formerly Shoeboxed Australia)
Platforms: iOS, Google Play
Price: Free, optional “lite plan” for $16.99 AUD. Provides access for 30 days and includes 50 document scans

●      Online invoice and receipt management tool

●      Able to generate email expense reports in seconds

●      Instantly archive receipts on-the-go

●      Mileage tracking

For Nurses Who Love Tech and Don’t Want To Talk With An Accountant

App: TaxBot
Platforms: iOS, Google Play
Price: $20 to lodge your tax return ($15 if you refer a friend through social media)

●     Local Australian business established in Melbourne and registered with the Tax Practitioners Board

●     Electronic tax agent service which pulls your personal information from the ATO, plus your upload deductions then lodges your return on your behalf

●     All data and communications are encrypted

●     To get started, all you’ll need is your Tax File Number, identifying information and your bank account details

●     You can upload work-related expenses up to $300

●     All submissions are reviewed by a human tax agent before sending off to the ATO.


In summary, we hope you feel armed with the tools to submit your own tax return for a fraction of the price! If you’re feeling stressed, consider adopting one of these apps now to ensure the 2021 / 2022 tax return is simple, seamless and stress-free.

Best of luck with this year’s tax return!


Emma Smith

Registered Nurse

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