Mental Health Resources

Employee Assistance Program

Network Nursing Agency is always looking for ways to better support our staff. As part of these efforts we have Employee Assistance Program (EAP) available to all staff. The EAP provides confidential and effective solution-focused counselling to support your well-being in the workplace and in your personal life. 

If you would like to take advantage of our EAP program please contact the HR team on (02) 9966 5514 or via email at to arrange for a referral. The EAP program partner is an external psychology service and all parts of your session will be kept confidential unless you request otherwise.  

Mental Health Resources / Organisations

If you, or someone you are with is in immediate danger please call 000 or go to your nearest hospital emergency department. 

The  impact of COVID-19 on our society has been huge. The reports around this have been overwhelming for many of us and there is almost nowhere you can turn to without being faced with another news story, another restriction, another confirmed case the list goes on.

Given the overload of information, we will start to feel emotions that we may have not experienced before and this is ok. The worry and anxious feelings about work, family our health are completely valid and is even more of a reason to ensure our Mental health is in check during this time of uncertainty.

There are fantastic resources available to encourage maintaining a healthy Mental state and we have taken a few key points from the ‘head to health’ government website to kickstart your awareness.

  1. Maintain a healthy Lifestyle

  2. Stay informed

  3. Stay positive

  4. Access support 

If you are looking for Mental Health Support, services such as Beyond BlueLifeline and the Black Dog Institute can assist. For more information about these organisations, please see links below:


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  • I love being able to pick and choose my hours and change my mind if something comes up. I don't have the same commitment pressure I would have from a permanent position.
    I have better rates of pay compared to working full time along with sick pay/ holiday pay.

    Aisling McNamara, Registered Nurse
  • Since joining NNA I have been exposed to many different opportunities in my career. I work frequently on different medical and surgical wards in different hospitals around Sydney. I have had the opportunity to teach through the Australian Healthcare Academy (AHA) facilitating through Western Sydney University and Australian College of Nursing (ACN).

    Laura Burns, Registered Nurse
  • Thank you to everyone in the office. Honestly, from the bottom of my heart you have all been an amazing support. Before I started agency work, I was nervous thinking I would be cancelled or it would be hard to settle in. With the support from everyone in the office I have got full time hours for over a year...

    Orla Murphy , Registered Nurse