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Thank you to the 2.7 million Carers in Australia

Posted 6 months ago

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​Right now in communities across Australia 2.7 million people are caring for others in unpaid roles. National Carers Week, 11th - 17th October 2020 celebrates the dedication and sacrifice these individuals make to help those who need it the most, and it offers a chance for the rest of us to say a big heartfelt thank you for the work that they do.

What does a carer do?

  • A carer may support someone frail due to age or who has a disability, drug and/or alcohol dependency, chronic condition, terminal illness or mental illness

  • A carer supports daily living activities which might range from personal care like showering, toile-ng, medication administration and feeding to providing transport to medical appointments or social engagements

  • A carer might also help with ad-hoc tasks like visiting the bank or hairdresser

  • A major part of a carers role is providing emotional support and a point of social contact


Who are carers?

Carers come from all walks of life and it’s worth remembering anyone one of us could become a carer if a loved one needed support.

  • Carers make up nearly 11% of Australia’s population

  • 861,000 are primary carers who support a family member or a friend

  • 7 out of 10 primary carers are women

  • One third of primary carers provide 40 hours or more of unpaid care per week

  • The median income of primary carers aged 15 - 64 is $800/week, the median income for a non-carer is $997

  • More than one-third of carers have a disability (double the rate of non-carers)


Care for carers

Carer Gateway provides a place for carers to seek support and look after themselves.

  • Phone counselling: Professional counselling to support feelings of stress and overwhelm in a one-on-one setting

  • Connect with other carers: Share stories and advice in a supportive online network of fellow carers

  • Self-guided coaching: Reflect and set goals for self-care

  • Skills courses: Learn new skills to be better equipped for the caring role

NNA can offer further support via Carer Respite, Medical Companionship and more. Click here to learn about the services, and if you have a carer in your life be sure to send them link.

In a year when unpaid carers have stepped up to fill the gap following support service disputation due to Covid-19, National Carers Week is even more important.

So to all of the unpaid carers across Australia, we see you, and we thank you for the amazing work you do.

Are you a carer in Brisbane?

To show our support to carers in Australia, NNA Direct Support is proud to be a sponsor at the 2020 Caring for Carers (CCA) High Tea in Brisbane. The event will be held on 1st December and aims to bring together carers in the community. The day will include special guests, gifts, speakers and a delectable high tea. Tickets to be released soon, so if you're a carer in Brisbane who would like to come along, keep an eye on their webpage to save your spot.