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Nurse of the Year 2020 (AIN) - Alireza Y

Posted 3 months ago


​Hear from NNA Nurse of the Year (Assistant In Nursing) Alireza. In this Q&A Alireza describes how agency nursing is a good fit for his lifestyle while he is completing his exams to become a General Practitioner (GP).

What does receiving nurse of the year mean to you?

It is an honour to have the title of the nurse of the year 2020. It means that I have earned NNA’s trust and it will give me further encouragement to work hard in 2021 to achieve my goals as a healthcare worker.


What do you love most about the job / working with NNA?

NNA is a very supportive employer. I am a GP and I arrived in Australia in 2018. Since then, I am trying to pass my exams to register myself as a GP. Meanwhile, I need a permanent job to support myself and my family. Although I am casual, NNA has given me permanent shifts and I have not had the anxiety of being jobless even during the COVID outbreak.


What is your nursing specialty and what facilities/locations do you usually work at?

I used to work at a major Sydney hospital mostly, but since the COVID outbreak, I have worked in quarantine hotels. One of the advantages of working with NNA is that employees can choose where they want to work.


Do you enjoy the flexibility of picking and choosing shifts to suit your family and/or lifestyle?

NNA is always flexible and I try to cooperate with them. The NNA roster team always supports me to have my best shifts and roster.

What advice would you give to other agency nurses?

There are many other nurses from different agencies who work with me in the quarantine hotels. Their roster and supports are not enough and always they are complaining. They can come and join NNA and test working in NNA and compare it with their agencies.

If you are looking at becoming an agency nurse with NNA, click here for more details.